Since 19990’s the freedom struggle of Jammu and Kashmir has been facing vicissitude and shocks, that some times cause disenchantment and disillusion among those sections of the society, who are really concerned about the long drawn struggle of the people Kashmir. Although the importance to bring out a peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue has gained importance, but the road towards its final solution still looks hazy. The inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir who were the right people to pass their final verdict through the democratic method of a free and fair plebiscite over the claims and counter claims of India and Pakistan, have been caught in a whirlpool. Indian intransigence over Kashmir is where it stood when India backed out of her promise to grant the right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir. Pakistan has shown flexibility towards India to resolve all out standing disputes including the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir. India as yet has not reciprocated in the same manner, rather she has adopted a cynical attitude on the dispute of waters and has been interpreting the Indus-Water Treaty in quite illogical way-creating doubts in Pakistan over the process of dialogue on Jammu and Kashmir.

All the disputes between Pakistan and India are derivatives of a long animosity on Kashmir, which was never an issue of plying traffic over the divided roads of Kashmir. It was thousand times more than that. The Kashmir issue of the right to self-determination has no resemblance with the plying of a passenger or commercial bus between the two parts of Jammu and Kashmir. Surprisingly, artificial euphoria is being built around the two passenger buses in Srinagar and Muzaffarabad as if the sacrifices of about 100 thousand Kashmiris have born fruit. Besides, astonishingly and like a dose of salts, some Kashmiri politicians who always worked for their own interests, wanted to board the first bus from Srinagar to laugh at those thousands Kashmiris who never get clearance from India, to see their homes in Jammu and Kashmir or meet their relatives in Pakistan.

Some people think that for the first time after 1947-48 war over Jammu and Kashmir, global aftermath 9/11 have compelled two nuclear south Asian states to begin with some agreed CBM’S and take a quantum leap in their tense history with fortnightlybus service between the two cities of Jammu and Kashmir. Indian leaders call it the mother of CBM’S, but Kashmiris apart from the humanitarian angle of divided families do not think it as a solid break through towards a just and durable settlement of Kashmir Issue.

It is a restricted journey with a guarded permission. The passengers in these people to people or so-called family contacts will be received as VIP’S but quietly watched as thieves. So the mistrust to and fro will not decrease, rather increase in the days ahead. The people who will come to this side of the state will find some political and economic activity but those going to Srinagar will find rage and gloom due to the draconian laws, occupation forces and graveyards of innocent Kashmiris martyred or killed during the last fifteen years every where in the occupied region. So to many tearful eyes there is no dose of sun shine and relaxation, at least for the time being in this bus service or any such CBM which does not guarantee freedom, security of life, honor and property to Kashmiris However, we should hope that the champions of these CBM’S will feel the pulse of Kashmiris and will do justice to the people in the times ahead. #END#


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