GENEVA, Switzerland 11 March 2011(KGN) — Delegates of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday were stunned when a young female victim of India’s state terrorism from Mawar Handwara Kashmir was given floor to speak before the house on state terrorism in Kashmir. Reports Kashmir Global.
Aneesa daughter of Ghulam Nabi Khan informed the UNHRC that her father was taken away by India’s Territorial Army on 24th of July 1996 and did not return till to date. She further said that her mother named Dilshad filed a writ petition in the high court of Jammu and Kashmir against the tragic episode. “But the troopers of the local Territorial Army barged into our house on 26th August 2003 and killed my mother on spot.”
She said that she was 4years old when her father were forcibly disappeared by the Indian army and at the age of 11 “my mother was martyred by the army.”The young victim of Indian aggression during her speech before the UN Council for human rights made a passionate and heart-rending appeal to the UN Council “to help me in finding out the whereabouts of my father and push the Indian authorities to punish those who killed my mother.”
She says, “I remain worried about my brothers and relatives who are still in the valley of death. I and my two young brothers seek justice from the international Human Rights Bodies because like other Kashmiris we have lost faith in Indian judicial system.” <<

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