Srinagar, April 24 (agencies):Kashmir, police have raided Jamiat-e-Ahl-e-Hadith (JAH) headquarters at Barbarshah in Srinagar and seized documents allegedly having bearing on the assassination case of president of the organization and prominent religious scholar, Maulana Showkat Ahmad Shah.
Police said that the raid was carried out by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) on Saturday.“Some of the accused associated with the case have written letters to JAH discussing sensitive issues pertaining to the assassination of Maulana. The police had got to know about them during recently carried out raids in south of the city. Police wanted to crosscheck whether copies of those letters written to JAH have reached there or not. During the raid at JAH office, the SIT found no such letters, but they have seized large number of documents from there,” a police official told media men.
General Secretary JAH, Abdul Rehman Butt while confirming the police raid said that the police raided the office and took away some files pertaining to the organisation’s correspondence. “They took all files regarding diagnostic centre and those pertaining to political and organisational issues,” Butt said, adding that the police took a list of all staff members of JAH working at the headquarters.
Maulana Showkat Ahmad Shah was assassinated in an explosion outside a mosque at Maisuma in Srinagar on April 8. »

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