Islamabad, 22 Jul, 2011: The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League Muhammad Noting Farooq Rehmani has strongly condemned naked wave of police brutalities in Jammu and Kashmir citing the example of an innocent girl student of Sopore, who was arrested, tortured and savagely assaulted and dishonored in the custody of paratroopers against all canons of international humanitarian laws of morality and country-code during the last few days. He said that was the way Indian authorities responded to peaceful gestures of the Kashmiris.
It exposed India’s claim of sincerity and seriousness for dialogue with Pakistan. Demanding immediate release of the innocent detained girl of Sopore, and punishment for culprits, he termed the developing situation with extreme concern.
He said that the region might again face fog and rage of discontent and the saner element of the society might become helpless. Commenting on the process of dialogue between America and India in the aftermath of declining US-Pakistan relations he said the builders of new strategic relations must not plunge South Asia in chaos and de stability. India must understand that Kashmir is the core issue and the region can’t be stabilized by terrorizing and brutalizing Kashmiris in or outside of Kashmir. If India perpetuates savagery on women and peace loving inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir, peace will be mirage for the sea of humanity living in the populous part of the world.
He urged on the UN and OIC to take cognizance of the worsening conditions created by India’s military and police brutalities in Kashmir and initiate practical steps towards peace and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir imbroglio.

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