Islamabad, 23 Jul, 2011: The Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has said that as in the past the criminal negligence of the Srinagar establishment has failed to trace-out, arrest and bring to book the brute human faces in uniform who, jumped over an innocent girl in Manzgam (Kulgam) couple of days before, when the latter was filling water-bucket on a stream and subjected her to their criminal lust.

He said the authorities and their stooges know as to who were responsible for this heinous crime. They will treat it like the past Shopian tragedy and other episodes of the equal nature and would neither resign nor unearth the black faces that satisfied their animal lust to brutalize and dishonor a daughter in a forest hideout. He challenged the Chief Minister and Police Chief to resign if they were conscientious human beings with children and near and dear ones.

Farooq Rehmani said that there was dire need to revoke all draconian laws in the state, draft stringent laws to protect honor of women folk in Kashmir without which no society can live longer. He informed the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch about the latest tragic episode in the disturbed and shocked region. He feared that the regime was undoubtedly unable, inefficient and careless to stop molestation of women in future also especially in remote and isolated villages by uniform, un-uniformed or unknown rapists as there was collusion and criminal negligence and lack of political-will to nab and punish culprits.

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