Islamabad, 05 Aug, 2011: The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has castigated Indian regime and the local Chief minister for their policies and modus operandi in the matter of gang rapes and custodial killings against the Kashmiri women and helpless youths and civilian inhabitants—a phenomenon of perpetual nature in the army and police to curb the ongoing struggle for freedom and right of self-determination. He said it was not the case of one woman or one man; there were numerous cases of such barbarity, the regime always acted by issuing a statement but every time shielded and protected its own uniformed criminals. The policy was followed right from Konan-Poshpore notorious gang-rape tragedy of young and old-aged women alike. Therefore, he said the people did not believe in the rhetoric of Umar Abdullah or any other state or center official.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani elaborated that since according to various international reports and abuses investigations the Kashmiri women were among the worst sufferers of sexual violence in the world; and since nothing had been done by either India or its satellite regime in Srinagar to initiate drastic steps to punish criminals and allay fears of the people, it had become necessary to hold the regime responsible by International Criminal Tribunal (ICT).

In this regard Farooq Rehmani has urged upon the UN Council for Human Rights to take cognizance of India’s negligence by censuring it before the forthcoming UNCHR session. He asked Pakistan to seek the help of the UN in Geneva bring the case of humiliated women and custodial deaths before the ICT to prosecute all alleged individuals since 1990. “The prosecution should be carried out on the precedent of Nuremberg as the domestic courts and military court-martials have failed to deliver justice and are motivated by a regime-centric approach” India has disappointed the Kashmiris, the UN should keep their hopes alive and bilateral talks must not ignore the human rights aspect of the dispute, he remarked.

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