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Kashmir – Srinagar: Dastgeer sahib relics safe.

Boys suffering from head, wrist, eye and face injuries
SRINAGAR, June 28: Dastageer Sahib (RA)’s shrine fire aftermath reflects in the Burns and Injuries ward of SKIIMS, Soura Hospital where at least 14 Khanyar youths aged between 18- 30 years have been treated for minor and major burn injuries while they risked their lives trying to save the holy relic and scriptures.
Doctors have identified most of them suffering from head, wrist, eye and face injuries.
People of the area say that more than 60 boys have been injured a result of their courageous bid to save the relics they hold greatest regard for.
20 year old Sameer Beigh from Khanyar is still critical with a major head injury after he was admitted here on the day, Dastageer Sahib (RA)’s shrine gutted down .
Sameer could not wait for fire servicemen to reach the spot when he heard his mother screaming, “Ya Peer Dastageer, our shrine is on fire!”
As the screams grew louder, Sameer took it onto himself to save whatever part of the shrine he could.
Like Sameer, hundreds of young boys from Khanyar including Imam Sahab’s son could not care less about their lives, and jumped into the blazing fire that had engulfed the Dastageer Sahib (RA)‘s shrine.
“Those were real emotional scenes. While the women and elderly people shouted in pain witnessing Dastageer Sahib’s shrine coming down in flames, the youths became charged up and entered into the shrine. Some of them were able to save a few copies of Holy Qur’an and the precious biggest handwritten Qur’an . At that time, nobody care about the injured youths. We do not even know who shifted them to the hospitals,” Javed Ahmad, an eyewitness says.
Eye witness accounts further say that as the fire flared up, more and more youths jumped into the shrines.
“The injuries were not only caused due to burns. Since the entire shrine is wood made, flaming timer logs kept falling causing head injuries to many. But what was remarkable was that nobody fled the spot. We were all putting in effort for we did not want this momentous structure to collapse in front of our eyes. We have spiritual, ancestral attachments with the shrine,” Javed adds.
Khanyar residents say the inadequate water supply from 10 fire brigades brought in , at that time also led to the intervention of local youths in helping to prevent the shrine from further damage.
“Some boys did not wait for the fire brigades to arrive, so they jumped into the fire at once. For others, when the operations of fire servicemen proved futile, they also joined in. Beside us, were the women who wanted their sons to go inside the shrines and do their bit,” Danish, a 12th class student who received minor injuries told Kashmir Times.

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