Indian extremists manhanled kashmiris in Inian city uring peaceful protest against guru hanging

Indian extremists manhanled Kashmiris in Inian city uring peaceful protest against guru hanging


12-Febkashmiri-students-protesting-against-hanging-of-Afzal-Guroo-in-New-DelhiNew Delhi, February 13 : At least 16 Kashmiri students studying in different Universities of Indian city Dehradun were arrested for taking out a protest march against the hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru.

The students were arrested when they were going to offer funeral prayers in absentia of Muhammad Afzal Guru.

“The arrests have created panic among the student community,” students from Dehradun told media men. “We had gone to police stations to seek their release, but the Indian police are on arrest spree,” they said.

The students who have been arrested are studying in different colleges. “We patched up through Facebook for funeral in absentia prayers,” they said.

The sixteen Kashmiri students were intercepted and thrashed by the Hindu goons belonging to extremist party Shiv Sena, the colleagues of the students, belonging to the Hemawati Nandan Baughna Garwhal University and Dehradun state University said.

“The police reached the spot and beating us up instead of taking any action against the Shiv Sena goons” they added.” The fear-stricken students said that they are hiding in their hostels as the Indian Police and Shiv Sena were searching for them at every possible location. “We are living in a fear and they are selectively targeting Kashmiris,” they said.

The incident comes days after a similar attack on students studying in Bundelkhand University left three students injured. One student had received four stitches in his skull and another received bruises in his legs.

Meanwhile, the parents of youth, who are studying in other states of the India, have expressed their serious concern over the safety of their wards. “We are getting calls from our wards that they are being harassed by the Indian police in other states,” they said.


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