Srinagar, Apr 13: A reputed scientific journal in the United States – Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research – has published a research paper of a Kashmiri scholar on green chemistry approaches to manufacture textile in an eco-friendly way.
The research paper titled ‘Green Chemistry Approaches to Develop Textiles Based on Sustainable Biopolymers’ has been authored by Shahid-ul-Islam son of Abdul Salam Dar of Kalipora Khudwani in south Kashmir’s Anantnag (Islamabad) district under the supervision of Faqeer Muhammad. Shahid is a PhD scholar at the Department of Chemistry, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
The paper (DOI: 10.1021/ie303627x) was published on March 17 this year. “The purpose of this research is to review the information on the role of different biopolymers in the development of antimicrobial textiles,” the research abstract reads.
“Increased sustainability, environment friendliness, reduced pollution, green chemistry, renewability and intrinsic biological activity are some of the attributes which make chitosan, cyclodextrin, sericin protein, and alginate suitable alternative agents for the functional ?nishing of textile materials,” it states.
The research paper has close to 150 references. “The current efforts in the development of new technologies for implementation of sustainable biopolymers in the real market of antimicrobial textiles do not guarantee economical viability yet,” the paper’s conclusion reads. “Nevertheless, application of these agents in the development of bioactive textiles is a promising prospect. Further research is yet to be carried out to translate the potential of biopolymers into industrial reality. The promising results can boost additional studies oriented to the search of new sources, cost-effective extraction methodologies, and innovative application methods that could provide alternatives to toxic synthetic antimicrobial agents,” it states.
The research paper further suggests: “If significantly improved, sustainable biopolymers may minimize the negative effects of synthetic agents in the textile industry. Likewise, these bioactive textiles may be able to full the consumer’s desire for a healthier and a more productive lifestyle by reducing stress and promoting comfort and relaxation in the near future.”
The research scholar said use of natural polymers in the manufacture of textiles is a new concept and would reduce the pollution caused by the phenomenon. “The contemporary model of textile manufacturing does not use natural polymers. My research article is a counter model which would ensure eco-friendly textile making,” Shahid told Greater Kashmir.
Asked how he was feeling about being getting published in an international journal, he said “It is just a beginning.”
“I am thankful to Almighty Allah; and my parents for supporting me throughout. My supervisor has also been instrumental in authoring the paper,” he said. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research is a scientific journal published twice monthly peer that publishes research papers in the field of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Its current editor is Donald R. Paul.

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