j&K,jk,kashmir,hurriyat,sepatarists,kashmiri leader,farooq rehmani,Islamabad, April 30: The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has expressed grave concern over India’s overt and covert agenda of deforming, brutalizing, and subjecting the new generation of the Kashmiris to mental and physical abnormalities, which she considers as not comfortable with India.
In an statement issued here today, he pointed out that already the age-group born in 1990’s faced many neurological and psychological infirmities, and now prolonged occupation and patrolling of civil areas: villages, cities, towns, forests and meadows by army and paratroopers; using of gas-peppers against political protesters by army; and unregulated flow, substandard and fake medicine(drug scam) was causing formidable threat to the life and honor of the Kashmiris, as the regime itself was benefiting from corrupt practices day and night without any accountability. He said the human rights atrocities were being perpetrated on the people in every kind of physical, and psychological form in prisons or outside to kill their struggle against an outside army occupation. Youths were particularly subjected to trials and tribulations by frequently imprisoning them, and hundreds including common citizens had been left to languish in prisons for years together; while the outside world knew very

little of these helpless Kashmiris, as many of them were poor to bribe the authorities for their release.
Muhammad Farooq Rehmani urged upon the UNCHR, Amnesty and Human Rights Watch to take notice of forgotten plight of the Kashmiris by deputing a delegation of its veterans to take on spot notice of the problem with the help local people and censure and force India to open Kashmir for the world. Any sluggishness on the part of the world community may Jeopardize life of the people and stability of the region in near future.

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