twitter storm KashmirNow trend worldwide,

.:.One of the biggest storm of tweets on twitter by Kashmiris around the world happened this week.:.

Srinagar July 23: Creating awareness about human rights violations, terrorism, brutalities and tyranny on social networking spaces is a new but fast developing trend, a practice that has been seen to bear much fruit. It is not to be taken as a mere fun activity, but a dedicated way of protest if used skillfully.

In this modern age of technology, when the tyrannical forces choke you and ban you even from holding a peaceful march; when you are caged, your sources are caged, the media blocked – then you try to find new ways. The people of Kashmir also have found a new means in the social networking sites for voicing their resentment. In order to put a blanket over their crimes, the Indian security forces, with the help of the local establishment, in order to curb the public resentment, usually put the whole Valley under strict curfew, barricading every lane and bylane, laying down the concertina wires, thereby limiting the Kashmiris to their homes.

But the brave hearted Kashmiris have their own way of fighting back. Be it the ‘stones in my hands’, braving the bullets or using social networking sites, Kashmiris want to remain at the forefront.

Annoyed at the lack of media coverage to the Ramban Massacre, in which six Kashmiri Muslims were martyred and 48 injured by the bullets fired by the Indian Paramilitary BSF in the Gool area of Ramban District, the agitated youth of the Valley took Twitter by storm.

Saturday evening witnessed a historical Twitter storm. Kashmir trended globally, adding a new chapter to the bruised history of Kashmir. When global media, especially the Indian media, suppressed the news regarding the Ramban Massacre and its aftermath, the Kashmiri tweeple stood up with their ignited minds and burned the candles of faith in each tweet to illuminate the surroundings, to make the world aware of the facts. Kashmiris, young and old, showed the world – ‘whether you give coverage to our pains or not, we are far more capable to make you hear the cries from the valley’. They challenged the fascist media of the world – ‘whether you portray our miseries or not, we will roar, as we are not less than lions’. Kashmiris spoke about their reality, the stories of loss and longings, about the martyred, about the missing, about the molested and raped and about their heroes. Kashmir cried and said to the world; “Behind our smile is our story, but you may never understand.”

It was for the first time in the history of social media and the freedom struggle of Kashmir, when on Saturday, evening of 20th July, the Kashmiris, along with numerous die-heart Kashmir lovers around the world, created the Twitter Storm with the hashtag #KashmirNow which trended number one globally.

Twitter users, both from Kashmir and Diaspora, started tweeting at 8:30 pm (Indian Standard Time) with the hashtag #KashmirNow, and within no time, there was a massive flow of tweets (500 tweets/sec) which made it possible to trend globally. Tweets like, “We are number one! Kashmir is trending at #1”, were tweeted out of sheer excitement for a global recognition of their cause.

Creating awareness about the prevailing situation in Kashmir and the atrocities committed by the Indian police and troopers was the main motive behind the Twitter storm.

Tweets mostly revolved around the Kashmir conflict, the armed resistance and the mass uprisings against the Indian rule, the human rights abuses, massacres, torture, killings, and detentions.

Significantly, Kashmir is on boil since Thursday, after troopers of the Indian Border Security Force killed six people in the Gool area of Ramban, and desecrated Quran in a local Masjid and Madrasa. The whole of Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed massive anti-India, pro-Islam and pro-freedom protests, in return of which the government has clamped a strict curfew to thwart the protests.

Here are some of the tweets:

Ishfaq Ahmad™©@ItzIshfaq34 They picked up a copy of the Koran from a shelf, tore it into pieces & threw the torn pages onto the floor’ #KashmirNow

Sarmat Misger@Sarmatspeaks Massacres = Honest Mistakes. Protesters = Mobs. Killings = Self Defence. Justice = Probes Indian MSM response to#RambanMassacre #KashmirNow

Fahiem Altaf@altaf_fahiem #India militarily occupies #Kashmir with 700,000+ Troops and calls itself a ‘democracy’ #KashmirNow

iResist@ShaalKak URGENT: Indian forces carried out RambanMassacre in Kashmir 18/7/13: 4 dead & 45+injured, curfew imposed, internet was killed.#KashmirNow

Zhc HotHeaD@ZhcHotHeaD indian fascists face exposed no honor for holy Quran ,tore pages and stamped ,Muslim ummah wakeup, its occupied kashmir#KashmirNow

চোরঞ্জিত চেইনগুপ্ত@KaloBeral Indian Forces successfully turned fake encounters into a business model in #OccupiedKashmir #KashmirNow#FreeKashmir

Khaki Audil@khakeez DC told the BSF men “Kill them, there is no problem as many of them die, it doesn’t matter.”…… #Ramban #KashmirNow

Ashwini Mishra@AListRap Have said it before, will say it again. Water cannons for Delhi protesters, Bullets for Kashmir protesters. #KashmirNow

Anonymous@AnonPressOffice This 8 yr old kid was beaten to death by Indian Forces #OpKashmir #KashmirNow

Hamza @KashmirRebel 63 years of oppression, 23 years of brutalities and fatalities#KashmirNow

PJ Lionheart@kroabot RT @Elm_seeker: We are the worlds biggest concentration camp. Our streets are pepper gassed by Indian forces. #KashmirNow

San’aa bint Kashmir@Sanaa_Sultan Rape is now included as a tool of genocide & regarded as a war crime ‘… war/#.UUhtY8IpxH0.twitter#Manipur #KashmirNow

AalaW | كشمير@Aalaw_ #KashmirNow – Did you know? #India has border ‘issues’ with all of its neighboring countries. It is #Israel of South East Asia

OpRohingya@OpRohingya India is a war criminal, responsible for killings 1000s of Kashmiris & raping countless women #OccupiedKashmir #KashmirNow

قاني@Haqanieffra Kashmir is not what bollywood movies show u!! It bleeds everywhere! #KashmirNow

Azhar Qadri ‏@AzharQadri Akbar Bhai, the legendary fighter from Afghanistan, died fighting in north Kashmir’s Sopore town on August 7, 1991 #KashmirNow

Durdana Bhatt ‏@Duriyah_ #KashmirNow I spit on the #constitution of #India for justifying the killings in kashmir…

MissTerrious ® ‏@MissTerriouss Not a single Tweet from the CM of J&K @abdullah_omar for #KashmirNow ?

showkat shafi ‏@ShowkatShafi They stripped me on road, they dragged me to police station. Because i was covering their atrocities in #kashmir #kashmirNow

Faysal ‏@_faysal Nearly 70000 acres of land is currently occupied by the Indian army and paramilitary forces in Kashmir. … #KashmirNow
Samreen Mushtaq ‏@SamreenMushtaq #KashmirNow is a story of occupation, remembrance and resistance! Kashmir one day will be a story of victory and freedom! In’sha Allah!

Notably, Kashmir, being called Paradise on Earth, also has some unfortunate traits linked with it. With a 700,000 Indian occupational army on its surface Kashmir is the most heavily militarized territory, where draconian laws such as Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) grant the army and paramilitary forces sweeping powers – a free license to kill.

With 93,763 Kashmiris killed, 120,013 arrested, 107,436 children orphaned, 105,955 houses/buildings destroyed, and 10,033 women gang-raped, some 3000 plus ‘unknown, unmarked, and mass’ graves, Kashmir is surviving under the brutal Indian regime since the last 63 years, and the cycle of terror is going on, with the world powers watching as mute spectators. Kashmir needs a solution for the betterment of all the parties involved in it. Let us hope peace will prevail one day in the peace-loving vale of Kashmir!
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#KashmirNow – Did you know? #India has border ‘issues’ with all of its neighboring countries. It is #Israel of South Asia

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SRINAGAR: Kashmir trended at number 3 on social networking site worldwide, thanks to a ‘twitter storm’ package created by the users from Kashmir or the Kashmiri diaspora.

A ‘Twitter storm’ is to overflow the network with tweets.

The main objective of hashtag KashmirNow (#KashmirNow) is to raise awareness in social media regarding the situation in Kashmir.

This after fresh tension over the killing of Muslim protestors by the Border Security Force in Ramban area of the region.

The villager were angry over desecration of the holy Quran and the assault on a local cleric by BSF soldiers.

The twitter trend started Saturday 20 July at 8:30 Pm IST.

Till this report was filed #KashmirNow was trending at number 3 all over the world. It is subject to change.

Some of the tweets:

Massacres = Honest Mistakes. Protesters = Mobs. Killings = Self Defence. Justice = Probes Indian MSM response to #RambanMassacre #KashmirNow

Indian forces carried out RambanMassacre in Kashmir 18/7/13: 8+dead & 45+injured, curfew imposed, internet was killed. #KashmirNow

Arundhati Roy: “#Kashmir is the most densely militarised zone in the world” via @democracynow #KashmirNow

#India militarily occupies #Kashmir with 700,000+ Troops and calls itself a ‘democracy’ #KashmirNow

The BSF soldiers fired indiscriminately, left, right and center,” an eyewitness told @afp #RambanMassacre #KashmirNow

This democracy keeps a vampire diary in #Kashmir. | 8 killed. 42 injured. For what? Raising their fists | #RambanMassacre #KashmirNow

The Indian forces will do a ethnic cleansing & shoot us one by one #KashmirNow

#KashmirNow – Did you know? #India has border ‘issues’ with all of its neighboring countries. It is #Israel of South Asia

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