Farooq Rehmani Kashmiri hurriyat leader,Islamabad, August 6, 2013: The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, while urging Muslims to reaffirm their commitment on Eid-ul-Fitr towards Islam, humanity and liberation of occupied Muslim lands and peace, has issued the following statement:-
“ Undoubtedly, Eidul-ul-Fitr, marks the dawn of a new era in the history of mankind, in the shape of Quran-the last Book of Allah for humanity, and birth and rise of a new nation for spreading God’s final message to humanity. Under all conditions, henceforth the world-over the humanity is to be led by those who are harbingers and torch-bearers of the message of Qur’an, prophets of Allah and His last Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Every word of Qur’an argues upon the responsibilities of the Ummah and also the strategy to face the challenges resulting out of their divine mission. But, unfortunately Muslims all over the world, at every level; individual, collective, regional and global, have adopted a destructive course and are confronting/killing each other, resulting in their defeat, slavery and blood-shed every where. All the Muslim states and their rulers claiming to be free and independent are indeed politically and militarily at the mercy of Western powers and owe their allegiance to them to retain their thrones or seats. The Islamic world is rich in mineral/natural resources, but still their economic survival is subservient to West, and they are the one who actually make their political decisions. Muslim peoples of these states continue to remain deprived of a just social and economic order and democratic political system. Muslim world’s ship of faith and unity has sunk deep into its own sea of blood, while the enemies are reaping the harvest; taking pride in slaughtering Muslims in the name of combating terrorism. On the one hand old disputes like Kashmir and Palestine continue to remain unresolved; but on the other side more dreadful disputes and challenges among Muslims have emerged to break their nerves of resistance and mar their future as harbingers of the great faith of Islam, which had swept Asia and Africa in the 6th and 7th centuries and knocked at the doors of Europe to spread knowledge and great culture and civilization based on peace and love of mankind.
Jammu and Kashmir the oldest question of freedom and right of self-determination, that should have been the focal point in the comity of nations has been thrown into political and diplomatic stupor owing to: the self-interests of big powers, vested interests, and infighting/ power-tussle between states and rulers, sects and groups; rise of state and non-state terrorism and finally trade and commercial interests of rulers.
In Kashmir because of the callousness of the United Nations on India’s intransigence; state terrorism has long raised its ugly head to crush brutally the movement of Kashmir and inflict heavy loss on basic human and civil rights of the inhabitants of the local population and their political and religious leadership. Usually India always takes tyrannical steps to suppress the people, and this year again in Ramazan her military and police gave no political or religious space to them, whether it was the question of performing basic religious duties, or conducting of peaceful seminars on the importance of the holy month of Muslims, the fact is that whosoever made such efforts was subjected to police repression and imprisonment; while the youths or their leaders are already spending life sentences till death or facing trial under concocted criminal cases by the regime. Jail punishment is meant to kill political prisoners inside prisons with the passage of time. It’s in fact due to some quiet signal from some foreign powers, which have broken their moral and constitutional pledge with their own humanitarian ideology and UN charter.
India is fanning communal hatred and violence in the state between the Muslims and non-Muslims and among Muslim groups and sects by spreading rumors to destroy Islamic identity and urge for freedom among general public, besides making illegal attempts to change demography of this Muslim majority region. Notwithstanding, it’s every citizen’s considered opinion that Kashmir continues to be a great volcanic issue; and it can’t be resolved by sidelining the true leadership of the people or by bilateral negations or trade agreements between India and Pakistan. Neither Delhi nor its regime in the disputed area commands clout to end the dispute by superficial activities. Whether world body’s indifference or quiet diplomacy, all will end in futility and Kashmiris will continue to make their voice felt more resolutely to unnerve their tyrants in the coming years.
Of course the Kashmiris have rendered unprecedented sacrifices in the perilous circumstances of their current history and now again on Eid-ul-Fitr, their voice of freedom will echo in every Eidgah, square and street of Kashmir to reaffirm their pledge towards the achievement this sacred mission. Therefore, we emphasize: on UN to implement its resolutions on Kashmir, and India and Pakistan to fulfill their commitment of a long-delayed plebiscite with the Kashmiris by making their dialogue tripartite in the broader interests of peace in the region. But at the same time Pakistan as spokesman and advocate of Kashmir cause in the World Body has political, moral and constitutional responsibility to rejuvenate and further expedite her international political and diplomatic responsibilities without wasting time in mega trade proposals to the benefit of commercially stronger and unpredictable India.”

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