“Highest Number Of 570 Detentions Affected In Srinagar, Budgam, Ganderbal
66 Persons Face ‘Revolving Door Detention’
Srinagar, Oct 1: At least 1127 persons were booked under the ‘lawless’ Public Safety Act (PSA) in Kashmir in the tenure of National Conference-Congress government since 2009.
In response to a written question by MY Tarigami, the Government Tuesday informed the Legislative Assembly that the highest – 401 – PSA detentions were carried out in 2010 when Kashmir witnessed at least 120 civilian killings in action by police and CRPF during the summer unrest.
In 2011 at least 309 Kashmiris were detained under the law followed by 211 detentions in 2009 when Kashmir erupted against the double rape and murder of two women in Shopian district, the government reply said.Another 145 Kashmiris were booked under PSA in 2012 and the number of detentions carried out in 2013 till July has been the least 41. The government reply did not mention the charges under which the persons were booked under PSA.
It however said at least 66 persons were re-detained even after the Courts quashed their detention, the practice termed by the human right bodies as “revolving door detention” to keep people in lockups.
The government said that a total of number of 1257 persons were booked in all 22 districts of the state—1127 in Kashmir region and 130 in Jammu region– from 2009 to July 2013.
In 2011, the international human rights watchdog, Amnesty International, termed PSA a ‘lawless law’, documenting how the authorities were misusing it to detain people for years without trial “depriving them of basic human rights.”
It said J&K authorities were using PSA detentions as a “revolving door” to keep people they cannot or would not convict through proper legal channels locked up and “out of circulation.”
Following mounting pressure on it, the state government amended the Law, first time since its implementation in 1978, reducing detention period under PSA. Earlier state would detain a person without trial for one or two years under the law.
The government reply revealed that three districts in Kashmir, Srinagar, Budgam, and Ganderbal, have seen highest number of PSA detentions, 570, during the five years.
In Srinagar at least 214 persons were put behind bars under PSA. It was followed by the north Kashmir Baramulla district where 178 persons faced trial under the PSA and in central Kashmir’s Budgam district 178 persons faced detention under the law.
The highest number of detentions, 455, was slapped in 2010 in the entire state while as 355, and 159 detentions were carried out in 2011 and 12 respectively.
The least number of detentions, 52, have so far been executed in 2013 till July.
The Government revealed that the Ganderbal district has seen least number of detentions, 14, since 2009. In Jammu region the least number of detentions, seven, were carried out during the period.
In response to another question the Government said of 1257 detentions made during the five years, 945 cases were quashed by the Courts at different stages.
“Some persons are re-detained under the law due to their deep involvement in militancy, subversive or disruptive activities,” the government informed the House.
The PSA was enacted in 1978 as a deterrent against the timber smuggling and social crimes. However the AI has been demanding that the law should be scrapped.
Courtesy:Greater Kashmir

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