Guru's wife ,Srinagar, Feb 18: Describing his husband’s hanging as “India’s collective shame,” Tabasum Guru, the wife of Muhammad Afzal Guru, Tuesday said the Supreme Court changed every rule on hanging after the killing of her husband.
Tabasum Guru said her husband was a victim of “collective conscience” of Indian society. She said that hanging of Afzal was a blot on justice because it wasdone on the basis of conscience rather than available evidences, facts and other considerations.
“Today I want to ask the Supreme Court why it strangulated justice and hurriedly pronounced its biased verdict. Today it has become clear that that India is governed by two different laws and this country is using its self-made and biased laws to punish Kashmiri people for the crime which they never commit,” she said. Tabasum said that Government of India hurriedly sent Guru to gallows without following procedure of law. The serial number of Afzal was 21 but he was hanged soon after Ajmal Kasab while others were not touched.
“Government of India and its people were satisfied after hanging my husband who was innocent. It is irony that soon after the execution of my husband in Tihar Jail, India’s highest court commuted the death sentences of many convicts into life term while it also said that there should be no repeat of Afzal Guru-like execution. Is it not an irony and murder of justice that after the execution of Muhammad Afzal Guru, India’s Supreme Court termed solitary confinement unconstitutional and passed a verdict that before the hanging of any convict his family members must be informed,” Tabasum said. She said India stands exposed at international level and its faulty justice system has brought disrepute to it.

She said that she has no faith in Indian justice system and she does not expect anything from it and knows that India is not interested in returning the mortal remains of her husband.


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