‘Former DC compares army’s conduct to those of wild beasts’
Srinagar, February 24: A human rights group highlighted many cases of violence against women in the last two decades in the territory with the mass rape of Kunan Poshpura at the centre of a function, held in Srinagar.

The Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society observed ‘Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day’ on the 23rd anniversary of Kunan-Poshpora mass rape tragedy at an event to commemorate the struggle of women in Kashmir.

Around one hundred women were raped by Indian troops in Kunanposhpora area on the night of 23rd February 1991, during a siege and search operation.

Javed, a resident of frontier Kupwara district, narrated the tale of how the tragedy that befell his village on the intervening night of February 23 and 24, changed the course of village’s destiny for the worse. “We have been stigmatized and many of us had to leave our education midway,” he said.

Amid sobs, another victim recounted the tale of the dreadful night saying, “It was the night of Karbala,” she said. “Our children have begun to ask about what happened on that night. Stigmatized by society, they would like to be reborn, so that they live a life without any taint.”

SM Yasin, who was the deputy commissioner of Kupwara when the mass rape of women of Kunan and Poshpora took place, was the main speaker at the event. Coming out in public for the first time, the former DC, who is now retired, spoke harshly of the Indian atrocities in Kashmir. Mr Yasin pointed out that “democracy in Kashmir is trampled by the inhuman actions of Indian forces. It will take days if we start to narrate the atrocities of Indian forces in Kashmir.”

He rubbished the BG Verghese headed enquiry, which held that no mass rape of women in Kunan-Poshpora took place. Mr Yasin spoke about the concerted efforts that were made to silence him. “I was transferred from one place to another. I was told to make some concessions in my report but I never cowed down. I am answerable to God for this.” Comparing the conduct of Indian forces to those of wild beasts in his report, he said he was later questioned by the Governor whether he thought Indian forces behaved like wild beasts. “I told him Governor that they behaved worse than the wild beasts,” he added.

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