‘On wedding of her sister Shabroza was struggling for her vision in hospital’
Kulgam: Even after three surgeries, one conducted at SMHS Srinagar and two at LV Prasad Eye Institute Hyderabad, 24-year-old Sabzar Ahmad Malik has not regained the eyesight that pellets fired by government forces took away.
“It has been two and a half months since we returned from Hyderabad, but the condition of our son is still the same. Doctors (at Hyderabad) said that only prayers can bring back his vision. We are praying for that with every breath we take, but sill there is no ray of hope that we see,” Hafeeza, Sabzar’s mother, said.
Sabzar belongs to a poor family and was the only earning hand. The family lives in a mud-built house with no proper amenities. “It is the financial support of the villagers that helped us admit our son to hospital,” said father of Sabzar, Abdul Gani Malik.Sabzar’s eye was blinded a day before a scheduled Itihad-e-Millat conference at Wokay in Kulgam on July 31.

“We were just walking towards the market when we heard some shots in the distance. I was about to run when I felt something hot striking my right eye. I do not know what happened after that. A lady gave me a glass of water, which is all I remember. When I regained sense, I found myself at Mohammadpora hospital. It was then I realised that I had lost my one eye. I was most scared about my mother, of how she would react on learning this. I met her the next day and told her that I had a minor injury on my forehead, that is why my eye was covered with bandage,” Sabzar recalled.
Another stroy of PULWAMA On October 31 last year Shabroza 18 was alone at her home. Her other family members were out making preparations for the wedding of their elder daughter which was scheduled the same week. In the afternoon the government forces including army and policemen raided the village and started ransacking the houses. As the forces went on a rampage triggering protests by the villagers Shabroza got terrified. Fearing the entry of the forces into her house too she decided to move out to join the neighboring women who had assembled on a street. “There were clashes all around the locality against the excesses of forces. Being alone at home I decided to move out and sit with the neighboring women who had assembled on the road. Minutes after I joined them forces who were chasing the youth came running and fired pellets on us,” Shabroza told Kashmir.
The pellets hit her face and eyes causing severe damage to the right eye. She was taken to the local hospital where from doctors referred her to SMHS. “It was all dark for me when the pellets hit my eyes. I don’t even know who took me to the hospital that time as both my eyes were shut and bleeding,” Shabroza told media men.
At SMHS she was operated in both the eyes before being discharged. After a couple of weeks she was again operated in right eye. “Though my vision has improved a lot in my left eye but there is very little improvement in right one. Thank God one eye has recovered,” she said.
“It was very painful to have one daughter in hospital on the wedding ceremony of the other. It was a state of mourning at our home on the wedding ceremony,” said Shabroza’s mother, Rafiqa.
Rafiqa is worried about her daughter’s marriage more than her studies. “She had failed in two subjects in class 10 previously but was not able to submit the examination form again due to injuries. But I am not that much worried about her studies now. My only worry is if her eye does not recover het life will be ruined,” Raiqa said.

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