Srinagar, February 19: Mohammad Hussain Fazili, one of the three Kashmiri youth acquitted by a Delhi court after over 11 years of illegal detention in a case of Delhi bomb blasts, was warmly received by his relatives and neighbors on his arrival in Srinagar.

After wearing a gloomy, deserted look for more than a decade, Mohammad Hussain Fazili’s modest house in Srinagar’s Buchpora outskirts was abuzz with celebrations. He has come home after spending 11 years in Delhi’s Tihar Jail.

Arrested on fake charge of his involvement in 2005 Delhi blasts, Fazili moved out a free man, innocent, but it took him 11 years.

As Fazili entered the main gate of his house around two dozen women, mostly relatives, started singing songs for him. The men welcomed him with warm hugs and kisses on his forehead. When his aged mother embraced him, it was quite an emotional reunion. Both wept, bitterly.

Fazili, now 43, was released on Friday following the order of acquittal passed by a Court on Thursday. Fazili, who was 30 when arrested, now sports a long flowing beard. He was a Shawl weaver.

Fazili and two others Mohammad Rafiq Shah and Tariq Ahmad Dar were arrested in November 2005 in connection with the Delhi serial blasts. While two men Fazili and Shah have been acquitted, Dar has been handed over ten year imprisonment and he is in jail for past ten years.

As he was escorted to their living room in their single story house, known, unknown, small, young, old, nieces, cousins, uncles, aunts, flocked the spot. Some he recognized, most, however, he could not, especially those who were born and brought up when he was in jail. Even those who were toddlers when he was arrested were strange to them.

But his homecoming was a moment of joy for everyone who saw his face. Even the children born after his arrest rejoiced after meeting him.

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