Muzaffarabad March 8: Sardar Masood Khan, President of AJK, urged the African Union and African countries to support the cause of Kashmiris to exercise their right to self- determination.

The President made these remarks in Muzaffarabad while talking to a
group of participants of International Course on Management Techniques
being hosted ECO Postal Staff College Lahore.

President Masood said that most of the African nations had won
independence through freedom struggles and even today they were
working to eliminate the vestiges of colonialism and no-colonialism.

“The people of IOK were also striving to liberate themselves from the
shackles of foreign occupation and alien domination”, he said.

Sardar Masood said that people of Africa could easily relate to the
suffering of the people of the IOK as they were everyday subjected to
killings, enforced disappearances, incarceration; women folk were
subjected to rape and molestation; and young men were being maimed and
tortured. Similar situations exist in some parts of African conflict
zone, he said.

The AJK President said that people of Jammu and Kashmir, as well as
Pakistan, were ready to accept third party meditation, be it from the
UN or any other impartial country or forum. “We believe in dialogue
and diplomacy; but India wants to crush the will of the Kashmiris for
freedom by use of brute force being exercised by 700,000 occupation
force against unarmed Kashmiris. This is a challenge to the world
conscious as well as to international law evolve and upheld by the UN
and its subsidiary bodies”, he said.

The President called for an immediate halt to repression in Kashmir,
evacuation of Indian troops from IOK and creation of salutary
environment for ascertaining the wishes of Kashmiri people.

The President proposed that Africa should build its own corridor to
Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir. Azad Kashmir, he said, has embarked on
a pathway to build a model state with emphasis on infrastructure
development, energy, telecommunications and industry.

The participants said they had found Azad Kashmir the one of the most
beautiful parts of the world. The President said that Azad Government
was making efforts to turn Azad Kashmir into a favored tourist

Representative of following countries were present at the President’s briefing:

Jordan, Iraq, Tanzania, Maldives, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Togo, Ethiopia,
Ghana, Gambia, Kenya, Guinea, Sirloin, Fiji, Uganda.


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