(Peer Viqar Ul Aslam)
Srinagar:Two different videos surfaced on social media sites, of army men beating and abusing two youth at some undisclosed location in Kashmir has led to severe criticism and condemnation, alleging the government forces of alienating and dehumanising the youth.

Reportedly, the video was unofficially released by involved army personnel, torturing one youth for carrying pictures of slain Hizb-ul-Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani, who was killed last year on July 8 by the forces, on his phone.

The video suggested an officer of high rank was supervising the torture, while two soldiers were mercilessly beating the young man who was seen pleading to the officer for clemency, though Human rights groups have been alleging the forces of violations, videos like these substantiate the findings.

Criticism loomed over the social media condemning the torture and humiliation of the youth by the Indian army personnel, this is not the first time that government forces have shown boldness in posting torture videos to social media despite military advisory against posting on social media.

Many social media activists debated that the unconventional behaviour of the conventional military personnel was due to total impunity promised by the AFSPA act that provides cover to the government forces against prosecution in civil courts.

Another young man was also forced to chant anti-Pakistan slogans, and humiliated by the army personnel inside the casspir armoured vehicle. The soldier threatens to place the young man’s name in the militants’ list and shoot him dead in a fake encounter.

On social media, youth expressed a sense of insecurity after witnessing torture publicly being carried by the government forces. Earlier, in April many videos showed government forces shooting at young men from close range, the uproar led to months of instability in the conflict-torn valley.


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