Srinagar: Families of two youngsters from south Kashmir’s Anantnag district have alleged that they have been arrested and jailed under draconian Public Safety Act (PSA) leaving the families in deep stress and agony.
Atif Hussain Sheikh, a 29-year-old resident of Janglat Mandi was slapped with PSA in August 2016. Though he was not taken into custody immediately, the detention orders were executed in the month of June, 2017. He was re-arrested and shifted to Kathua Jail. Mir Shafkat Hussain, who pleads for quashing the detention orders in the state high court, said the PSA order 17/DMA/DET/2016, slapped against Sheikh was illegal and would not sustain court’s scrutiny.
“Our family is going through a lot of trouble. My son was running a small medical agency to sustain the family but I think state doesn’t want that Kashmiri youth should be with their families. They want them to be in jails,” Sheikh’s father said.
“I accept that in the past my son has been part of protests but the way police harass and torture us won’t bridge gaps but it will
create more anger and resentment among people like us,” he said.
Atif is not the only person to have been re-arrested. Rayees Ahmed Khan of Khan Mohalla Achabal was also arrested in July and shifted to Kathua Jail under the detention order no.13/DMA/PSA/DET/2016. The order has been passed on 10 August, 2016.
Rayees, a carpenter by profession was called by police station Achabal on July 8, 2017 and was detained. After few days he was shifted to Kathua Jail where he is presently languishing.
Rayees’s father Nissar Ahmed Khan said that his son was called to police station on July 8. “I accompanied him to the police station. The police told me that he would be released in a few days and for security concerns would be held for a few days only,” he said.
“I left the police station after receiving assurances. But a few days later he was shifted to Kathua Jail in Jammu. I am a poor man and my son is the breadwinner. The police have left us to wander from police stations to courts. Our life has been turned into hell,” he said.
Shafkat Hussain is challenging the detention orders of Sheikh and Khan. He said that the detention on flimsy charges has made J&K a lawless state. “The orders are being executed without any relevance. The purpose is to harass the people,” he said. Even as the police say the duo is involved in various FIR’s filed against them in the past, there is no fresh evidence against them for being involved in any objectionable anti-state act.
Courtesy: Kashmir Reader

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