Srinagar, August 22: The eyes of 105-year-old Pir Ghulam Nabi closed for ever on Monday without being able to have a last glimpse of his son, Pir Muhammad Ashraf, who has been illegally detained for the past 12 years for his affiliation with the ongoing freedom movement.

All efforts for the release of Pir Muhammad Ashraf have failed during the past over one decade and his father Pir Ghulam Nabi breathed his last, yesterday, while waiting for seeing his son in his life.

A native of Batta Ganda area of Islamabad district, Pir Ghulam Nabi, had lost his one son, Farooq Ahmad Pir, in January 2002. He was killed by Indian troops during a siege and search operation.

Ghulam Nabi’s another son, Firdous Ahmad, has also spent five years in jail.

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