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‘Why Is Govt Silent On This Incident?”
Shopian: Azra Jan, 8-month old daughter of Beauty Jan who was killed yesterday allegedly in government forces’ firing, is sucking a feeder in the lap of her uncle Muhammad Yaqoob Bhat outside her one-storey kacha home.
Beauty Jan was killed when government forces fired bullets to disperse protesters near an encounter site on Tuesday. She was inside her home when a bullet hit her in abdomen.

According to her uncle Gulam Muhammad Bhat, Beauty Jan, 24, was sitting in a room with her baby in her lap when a bullet was fired from outside through window.
“We were sitting in the room and could not even stand up because firing was going on heavily outside and suddenly a bullet hit her in abdomen. She dropped Azra with a cry and fell down.
The locals rushed to the house and immediately took her to hospital but she died on reaching hospital,” Yaqoob told Greater Kashmir.
“My sister Beauty Jan had given birth to Azra 8 months ago and since then she was here. She was killed despite being in her home and was not part of any protests or stone pelting,” Muhammad Yaqoob Bhat, her brother said.
“I am a driver and live from hand to mouth. I have to earn for a family of two younger brothers, sister, and mother and now this little girl. What will I do now?” he said.
“Her daughter doesn’t know where her mother has gone. Why is the government silent? Why no one is uttering a single word on this incident?” he said.
“We demand justice and help for this innocent girl,” Yaqoob said.

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