Srinagar: In a significant revelation, Indian authorities have tried to pursue the wife of jailed Hurriyat leader and Chairman of JKLF-R, Farooq Ahmad Dar, to prevail upon her husband to leave the path to freedom for his release, but she rejected the offer altogether.

The authorities approached Assabah Khan, the wife of Farooq Ahmad Dar, who is lodged in Tihar jail in a case, registered against him by India’s National Investigation Agency in 2016, through Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Baramulla, Imtiyaz Hussain.

Assabah Khan works as an assistant director in the social welfare department. She told media that the officer told her that the NIA was seeking to cut a deal with Farooq and he would be let off if he gave up the path to freedom. Earlier, he remained in detention in different cases for 16 years. He was released in October 2006.

Assabah showed the Whatsapp messages in which Hussain asked her to convince her husband to give up the path. The messages were sent to her by him in August and Assabah said that New Delhi was pressuring Dar to join the BJP.

The JKLF-R leader’s wife said that the police officer told her that he was sent by the NIA, and that in case Dar agreed to join the BJP, he will be set free.

As per the Whatsapp messages, Assabah Khan told Hussain that she was ready to receive the dead body of her husband, but would not strike any deal with NIA.” She even said that she was ready for her own death but would not cheat her people.
The following are the contents of the Whatsapp chat between the SSP and Assabah Khan—

[8/20, 16:01] Assabah Khan: Wt z d status of our meeting ?
[8/20, 16:01] Assabah Khan: Are we meeting r nt meeting
[8/20, 16:02] Assabah Khan: Cud you kindly let me know
[8/20, 16:03] Assabah Khan: I am asking bcoz I have to come from Dargah Shareef
[8/20, 17:22] Imtiyaz Hussain: How long will it take you to arrive ?
[8/21, 09:05] Assabah Khan: When Imam Khomeini Who revolutionised whole of Iran died, his worldly possessions were a bucket to perform ablutions and few books. Not money bt strength of character and mental calibre defines great leaders. Imam Khomeini z my ideal. Let us make him ideal for the universe
[8/21, 09:06] Imtiyaz Hussain: Won’t comment on this.
[8/21, 09:54] Assabah Khan: I am very much ready to receive the dead body of my husband bt I will nt strike any deal with NIA.
[8/21, 09:55] Assabah Khan: I am ready for my own death but I will nt cheat this nation
[8/21, 09:56] Assabah Khan: Let me suffer let him suffer I cannot die with any burden on my conscience
[8/21, 09:57] Imtiyaz Hussain: It’s not about cheating. It’s about standing firm on principles but ensuring justice is delivered to your husband if he is innocent
[8/21, 09:58] Imtiyaz Hussain: And punishing those who have made fortune out of blood money.
[8/21, 09:58] Imtiyaz Hussain: A poor man’s son has to die so that others make money
[8/21, 09:59] Imtiyaz Hussain: This needs to be stopped Assabah
[8/21, 09:59] Imtiyaz Hussain: Political ideologies apart
[8/21, 09:59] Imtiyaz Hussain: It’s not being traitor or being loyal
[8/21, 09:59] Imtiyaz Hussain: It’s basic humanity
[8/21, 10:01] Imtiyaz Hussain: Absolutely no issues for political or ideological position of anyone. They are within their rights to have one. But violence is not in anybody’s interest.
[8/21, 10:01] Imtiyaz Hussain: We can’t afford to lose our boys
[8/21, 10:01] Assabah Khan: Yes I agree
[8/21, 10:01] Imtiyaz Hussain: Like we do everyday
[8/21, 10:01] Imtiyaz Hussain: This madness has to stop
[8/21, 10:02] Imtiyaz Hussain: And it will stop when big sharks thriving on the blood of our children are neutralised
[8/21, 10:02] Imtiyaz Hussain: That’s my point
[8/21, 10:03] Imtiyaz Hussain: You may have an option of escaping from Kashmir and secure the future of your kid but what about millions of Kashmiris

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