kashmir global, kashmir media service, kashmir violence ISLAMABAD: In Indian-administrated Kashmir during continuous violence to break the Kashmir freedom struggle Indian forces killed fifteen (15) Kashmiris including a young boy and a young girl during the last month of February, a report released here in Islamabad by a research institute.

According to the report, of those killed one youth was in killed in police custody.

These killings rendered two (2) women widowed and eleven (11) children orphaned.

2017 as gruesome as 2016: Says report on human rights

Indian forces violating human rights in Kashmir: Imran Khan

As many as fifty seven (57) people were injured due to the use of excessive force and firing of bullets, pellets and teargas shells by Indian troops and police personnel against mourners and protesters while one hundred seventy nine (179) civilians including Hurriyet leaders and activists were arrested during the month.

Indian forces’ personnel also destroyed and damaged sixteen (16) residential houses during the period.


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