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Kashmir: Another treacherous and horrendous step

‘By Muhammad Farooq Rehmani’
It’s yet another treacherous and horrendous step among many such cunning acts of the Indian Modi Government and her satellite Mahbooba and BJP authority in Srinagar to forceably disappear kashmiris inside or outside of Jammu & Kashmir, kill them under any pretext, bury them in unmarked graves, or, implicate victims in false sedition trials and finally award these innocents with death or life sentences till death, without any just judicial process– simply to satisfy the collective conscience of some Indian- Hindu public- a newly coined term to hide facts of a case and escape international humanitarian legal norms. India has been upholding her dark process of decrees in the matter of Kashmir & Kashmir case for the last several decades by sentencing to life- till death, or sending them to gallows without even a word of censure by the world.

After blinding innumerable Kashmiri youth in 2016, India’s latest target were 3 youth, one Muzaffar Ahmed Rather R/O Kulgam and 2 other Pakistani citizens-Muhammad Abdullah and Muhammad Younus. Muzaffar Rather has been sentenced to death by a West Bengal court after 12 years of unknown & silent trial. This is called Indian judiciary and judicial system, Indian democracy/secularism, which wants to safeguard its own regional hegemonic interests at the cost of a forceable and illegal occupation of the people of J&K.
Thus blinding and hanging of the kashmiris is hall-mark of Indian governance in J&K.The nation of Jammu &Kashmir is up in arms against this shameless and dark regime and state, that wants land but slaughters inhabitants. The Indian impartial HR groups, jurists, and international HR bodies/counsels/jurists and above all the UN are urged upon by the helplessly brutalized kashmiris to take an urgent notice of India’s death decrees in the top echelons of Delhi and save kashmiri youth from such judicial murders & ethnic cleansing policies under the construction of colonies for outsiders to run the demographic composition campaign.UN now Awake, Awake for the sake of humanity in J&K.

Re-Post: 23-Jan-2k17

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