Kashmir Global – News and Research on Kashmir


Kashmir Global – News and Research on Kashmir
“Kashmir Global” website reflects news and views on Kashmir and analyzes developments through different reports and comments as an independent research center.It plays an important role with regard to the regional study of Kashmir Conflict.
In fact the website has its eyes on humanitarian, social, economic and political aspects and implications of any news report on the Kashmir Conflict.

The writers and columnist of Kashmir Global report and review, different aspects of the Kashmir conflict.The website is based upon the universal concept of truth and justice. It keeps in touch with the urges and aspirations of the Kashmiris in relation to the long drawn conflict of Jammu and Kashmir. Honesty and transparency of the news are the main pillars of our news portal. Our center’s main focus is on news, news reports and stories on Kashmir. Our aim is to impart knowledge to all those persons who remain concerned regarding the Kashmir developments.

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